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What does enable DOM storage mean?

DOM storage, also known as Web storage, used to store information of client-side. It has two main types: local storage and session storage. Besides, DOM storage is similar to cookies as well, which allows supporting persistent data. In this passage, you can enable DOM storage in IE, FF, Google Chrome Windows 10.

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Also asked, how do I enable DOM storage?

In Internet Explorer, click on Tools and Internet Options.

  1. Click on the Advanced tab, then scroll down to the Security section under Settings.
  2. Check the Enable DOM Storage box and click on OK.
  3. To Disable DOM Storage, just uncheck the Enable DOM Storage box and click on OK.

Likewise, what is Domstore? The DOM Storage includes two related mechanisms for persisting client-side data in a secure manner using the Document Object Model (DOM), sessionStorage and localStorage. Like cookies, Web developers can store per-session or domain-specific data as name/value pairs on the client using DOM Storage.

Also to know, what is DOM Storage API?

DOM Storage is a way to store meaningful amounts of client-side data in a persistent and secure manner. It is a W3C draft which covers exactly how saving information on the client-side should be done. It was initially part of the HTML 5 specification, but was then taken out to be independent.

How do I clear my browser storage?

Google Chrome

  1. Press Ctrl-Shift-Del to bring up the Clear browsing data page in Chrome (this works in other Chromium-based browsers as well).
  2. Make sure Cookies and other site data is selected.
  3. Change the time frame at the top to "the beginning of time".
  4. Click on Clear browsing data to start the process.

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