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What does each Sratc curve represent?

Each. SRATC curve represents the ATC of the firm as it produces output in the short run with a fixed plant. size. As the firm increases its level of output, at some point it will need to increase its plant size.

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Regarding this, what do Sratc curves show?

the SRATC curves show the lowest attainable cost of production at each level of output when all factors are variable in the short run, whereas the LRAC curve shows the same in the long run.

Subsequently, question is, why are cost curve U shaped? The average cost is U-shaped because an increase in output increases the returns and reduces the total cost. As the curve continues to slope downwards, it enters a phase of constant returns where the returns and output are at their optimum level.

Simply so, what does each of the short run ATC curves represent?

Each output level on the LRAC curve represents a combination of capital and labor that is possible in the long run. In the short run, capital is frozen at a particular level. Each average total cost (ATC) curve represents a manufacturing scale where the only way to increase output is to hire more workers.

What does the long run average cost curve show?

In the long run, all inputs (factors of production) are variable and firms can enter or exit any industry or market. The Long Run Average Cost, LRAC, curve of a firm shows the minimum or lowest average total cost at which a firm can produce any given level of output in the long run (when all inputs are variable).

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