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What does design consideration mean?

The design considerations are formulated to bring to the attention of the designers in applying the universal accessibility design principles and requirements to buildings and facilities. They can also be used to identify barriers in existing buildings.

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Keeping this in consideration, what considerations should be made during the design process?

Design Considerations

  • Recognize and analyze the design problem: Designs must perform well under expected and worst-case conditions.
  • Determine load conditions: Structures will be subject to tension, compression, torsion, and bending.
  • Consider producibility:The most elegant design is useless if it cannot be made efficiently.

Also, what design considerations are important for a business web application? As we're designing applications, it's important we remember these critical considerations for creating effective designs:

  • Design for Flexibility. Things don't always go as planned.
  • Design Defensively.
  • Design for Appropriate Frequencies.
  • Design for Minimalism.

In respect to this, what is architectural consideration?

Architectural Considerations. The process and the final product of the process done as a part of the construction of the structure includes the architectural considerations. The various steps in the process of architecture are as follows. These aspects are known as Architectural Considerations.

What is the meaning of design philosophy?

"Design philosophy" is simply someone's philosophy on design: what they are trying to accomplish with design, and, more importantly, what one thinks design should accomplish. For example: Someone's style may be minimalist — they like the look of clean designs, be it architecture, websites, logos, products, etc.

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