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What does delayed capillary refill indicate?

Capillary refill. A prolonged capillary refill time may be a sign of shock and can also indicate dehydration and decreased peripheral perfusion. Prolonged capillary refill time may also suggest peripheral artery disease.

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Also asked, what does capillary refill tell you?

The capillary nail refill test is a quick test done on the nail beds. It is used to monitor dehydration and the amount of blood flow to tissue. If there is good blood flow to the nail bed, a pink color should return in less than 2 seconds after pressure is removed.

One may also ask, what is the normal capillary refill time in adults? The upper limit of normal, defined as the lowest time that in- cludes 95% of the volunteers, was 1.9 seconds for children and adult men, 2.9 seconds for adult women, and 4.5 seconds for the elderly subjects. A scatter diagram of capillary refill times plotted against age is shown (Figure).

One may also ask, why is capillary refill time important?

The capillary refill time is generally thought to be the quickest assessment of early hypoperfusion. Capillary refill time is faster to obtain than a blood-pressure measurement and is particularly helpful in a loud or busy ED. A delay in the capillary refill time (>2 seconds) indicates hypoperfusion of the skin.

What does upper extremity capillary refill time of greater than 1 or 2 seconds indicate?

Capillary refill time Normal CRT is 1 to 2 seconds. This is consistent with a normal blood volume and perfusion. A CRT longer than 2 seconds suggests poor perfusion due to peripheral vasoconstriction. Significant hypothermia will also cause vasoconstriction.

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