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What does deer antler velvet do for you?

Deer velvet covers the growing bone and cartilage that develops into deer antlers. Deer velvet is used to boost strength and endurance, improve the way the immune system works, counter the effects of stress, and promote rapid recovery from illness. It is also used at the onset of winter to ward off infections.

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Besides, is deer antler a steroid?

Deer antler velvet is seen as a possible steroid alternative because it includes something call insulin-like growth factor or IGF-1, which is said to regulate human growth hormone in the body. The coating on the antlers of young male deer that contribute to the growth of that part of their body could help athletes.

Beside above, does deer antler velvet increase testosterone? Deer antler velvet is used for its purported ability to raise testosterone levels to treat decreased libido (low sex drive), infertility, and erectile dysfunction in men. It is used in combination with other herbs to treat sexual dysfunction and hormonal dysfunction in men and women.

Likewise, is deer antler velvet bad for you?

Antler velvet may not be safe in people who should avoid supplemental estrogen, progesterone, or testosterone. The supplement may contain these hormones. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid using this supplement. Experts know little about the safety of antler velvet in these women.

Why is deer antler velvet banned?

The NFL-banned substance present in deer antler velvet is insulin-like growth factor, IGF-1, which mediates the level of human growth hormone in the body. IGF-1 has also been banned by Major League Baseball and the World Anti-Doping Agency.

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