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What does Dakin's solution do?

Dakin's solution is used to prevent and treat skin and tissue infections that could result from cuts, scrapes and pressure sores. It is also used before and after surgery to prevent surgical wound infections.

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Beside this, how long is Dakin's solution good for?

Throw away any unused portion 48 hours after opening. Unopened jars can be stored for one month after you have prepared them. Label: Label the jar with the date and time you made the solution.

One may also ask, how do you dilute Dakin's solution? for Dakin's solution is diluted sodium hypochlorite solution 0.5%. Gather your supplies: Clorox bleach or similar household bleach (Make sure it is unscented. Do not use ultra-bleach products, as they are more concentrated.)

Consequently, is Dakin's solution still used?

Henry Drysdale Dakin is a notable person in the history of surgery, wound care, military medicine and infectious disease control. Dakin's solution, still in use by modern wound care specialists around the globe, has laid the foundation for wound care management as we know it today.

Is Dakin's solution hydrogen peroxide?

A 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide is a commonly used wound antiseptic. Sodium hypochlorite (ie, Dakin's solution) has been classically used in pressure ulcers with necrotic tissue to help control infection. Sodium hypochlorite is known to have a bactericidal effect against most organisms commonly found in open wounds.

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