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What does Ctrl F do in Illustrator?

Adobe Illustrator Keyboard Shortcuts
Modifier Key Key Description of shortcut
Alt Ctrl Shift F Highlight the font name field in the character panel
Shift Up Arrow Increase the selected value by a large increment
[ Decrease size of blob brush
] Increase size of blob brush

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In this regard, what does Ctrl F do?

Ctrl-F is the shortcut in your browser or operating system that allows you to find words or phrases quickly. You can use it browsing a website, in a Word or Google document, even in a PDF. You can also select Find under the Edit menu of your browser or app.

Likewise, what does Ctrl H do in Illustrator? The following list includes the most helpful shortcuts.

View artwork.

Shortcuts Windows macOS
Show document template Ctrl + H Command + H
Show/Hide artboards Ctrl + Shift + H Command + Shift + H
Show/Hide artboard rulers Ctrl + R Command + Option + R
Show transparency grid Shift + Ctrl + D Shift + Command + D

Simply so, what does Ctrl Y do in Adobe Illustrator?

In some programs like Adobe Illustrator, Ctrl + Y is used for a completely different action than reversing an edit. For Adobe Illustrator, pressing Ctrl + Y would change the view of your art space into a black and white screen showing you only the outline.

What does the shift key do in Illustrator?

Shift. Holding down the Shift key, click and drag out a shape. The Shift key will constrain the shape, which means that the width and height of the shape will be the same. So if you are dragging out an ellipse using the Ellipse Tool and holding down the Shift key, you will get a perfect circle.

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