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What does Cameron Crazies mean?

The Cameron Crazies are the student section supporting the Duke Blue Devils men's basketball team and the Duke Blue Devils women's basketball team. Throughout the game, the Crazies jump up and down when the opposing team has possession of the ball and yell cheers in unison at focal points of the game.

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Subsequently, one may also ask, what were Cameron Crazies chanting?

Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski was caught on camera yelling "shut up" multiple times at the student section of Cameron Indoor Stadium during the Blue Devils' game against the Pitt Panthers on Tuesday night. When it was confirmed to him that the students were chanting, "come sit with us," Krzyzewski replied: "Wow.

Beside above, why do Duke fans jump up and down? It originated at Duke because the students learned that if they all jumped up and down at the same time, they would be able to shake and rattle the floor.

Similarly one may ask, where do the Cameron Crazies sit?

The Cameron Crazies are the fabled student section at Cameron Indoor Stadium, home of the Duke Blue Devils. The Crazies are the best fans in college basketball, and they've shown us why for years. The Crazies stand courtside in a 1,200-seat student section, and they are in-your-face type fans.

What are Duke fans called?

When it comes to Duke fans, they aren't called the “Cameron Crazies” (a nickname derived from where the Blue Devils play, Cameron Indoor Stadium) for nothing.

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