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What does BeiDou mean?

Beidou - Computer Definition
A satellite-based radio navigation system developed by the China Space Science and Technology Group. Beidou is Chinese for the Big Dipper. The North Star, which has been used for centuries for navigation, is located in the Big Dipper. See GPS and GEO.

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Keeping this in consideration, how accurate is BeiDou?

The BeiDou System has been designed to reach accuracy levels similar to those of GPS and Galileo Open Service: positioning accuracy within 10 meters, timing accuracy within 50 ns and velocity accuracy within 0.2 meters per second.

Beside above, what is BeiDou positioning? BeiDou is the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) system developed by China to provide all-time, all-weather and high-accuracy positioning, navigation and timing services to global users. The service is named after the Big Dipper constellation, which is called as BeiDou in Chinese.

In respect to this, is BeiDou better than GPS?

Chinese officials claim that the third-generation Beidou will be as accurate and reliable as GPS, if not more so.

How many BeiDou satellites are there?

four satellites

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