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What does Bacb mean?

Behavior Analyst Certification Board, Inc

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Similarly, you may ask, is the BCBA exam difficult?

The BCBA exam is tough and failing frustrating. Failing the BCBA exam also gets expensive and can slow down employment opportunities, career development and other personal/professional goals. My article below shares core reasons why I believe so many very capable folks still struggle with and, often, fail this exam.

Likewise, how long does it take to become a Bcba? To apply for BCBA certification under this pathway, you must have an acceptable doctoral degree that was conferred at least 10 years ago, at least 10 years of post-doctoral practical experience, and 500 hours of defined fieldwork.

Thereof, how much do Bcba make an hour?

National Average

Salary Range (Percentile)
25th Average
Monthly Salary $5,667 $7,302
Weekly Salary $1,308 $1,685
Hourly Salary $33 $42

How do you become a Bcba?

Step 1. Earn an Acceptable Graduate Degree

  1. Acceptable Fields of Study.
  2. Acceptable Graduate Degrees.
  3. A. Prepare for the Experience.
  4. B. Complete the Experience.
  5. A. Apply to Take the BCBA® Exam.
  6. B. Schedule to Take the Exam Through Pearson VUE.
  7. C. Take the BCBA® Exam.
  8. D. Retake the BCBA® Exam.

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