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What does Antiprotozoal mean?

Antiprotozoal drugs are a class of medication used to treat infections caused by protozoa, which are single cell organisms that belong to the type of parasites. Protozoal infections occur throughout the world and are a major cause of morbidity and mortality in some regions such as Africa and South-East Asia.

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Similarly, it is asked, what is protozoal infection?

Protozoan infections are parasitic diseases caused by organisms formerly classified in the Kingdom Protozoa. Protozoan infections are responsible for diseases that affect many different types of organisms, including plants, animals, and some marine life.

Also Know, what are the symptoms of a protozoan disease? Signs and symptoms include watery diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, cramps, fever, dehydration, and weight loss. The illness is generally self-limiting within a month.

Likewise, which of the following diseases is caused by protozoa?

Tropical Protozoan Diseases. The infectious diseases that are caused by protozoa include Chagas diseases, Human African Tripanosomiasis, and Leishmaniasis, among others. Chagas disease is a tropical parasitic disease caused by the Protist, Trypanosoma cruzi which spreads through insects like “kissing bugs”.

How do you kill a protozoan?

Since protozoa are relatively large micro- organisms, they are easier to filter out than bacteria and viruses. Drinking water is disinfected to destroy or inactivate the micro-organisms that are not filtered out. Chlorine is the most common disinfectant in the world. It can work against Giardia but not Cryptosporidium.

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