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What does an infectious doctor do?

The role of an infectious disease specialist is to review a patient's medical data, including records, X-rays and laboratory reports. They may perform a physical examination, depending on the type of problem. Laboratory studies are often necessary and may include blood studies and cultures of wounds or body fluids.

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Furthermore, what type of diseases do you go to an infectious disease doctor for?

HIV/AIDS. Lyme disease. Malaria and other tropical diseases. Measles, Mumps and Rubella.

Likewise, do I need a referral to see an infectious disease doctor? Infectious diseases and infections may require a special type of intervention outside of your regular physician. You'll need to make an appointment with an infectious disease specialist and bring your referral slip to the appointment unless your physician makes prior arrangements.

Furthermore, what are the 4 types of infectious diseases?

Types of infection include bacterial, fungal, viral, protozoan, parasitic, and prion disease. They are classified by the type of organism causing the infection. Infections can range from mild inflammation in one person to an epidemic.

What is the difference between an infectious and noninfectious disease?

The most common cause of infectious diseases are pathogens called viruses and bacteria, but they can also be caused by fungi or protozoa. Pathogens can be spread in different ways. Noninfectious diseases are not transmitted from one person to another and are not caused by pathogens.

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