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What does AME stand for in black churches?

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Regarding this, what is the name of the First AME Church?

First African Methodist Episcopal Church of Los Angeles

Subsequently, question is, what is the largest AME Church? The Reid Temple A.M.E. Church is an African Methodist Episcopal megachurch located in Glenn Dale, Maryland, USA to the northeast of Washington, DC. In 2008, Outreach Magazine reported that attendance was 7,500, making it the 88th largest church in the USA at that time.

Also know, is there a difference between AME and AME Zion?

Their main church was called Zion, so they named their denomination AME - Zion. Both are fine institutions. They are essentially identical. They could easily merge, but if they did, someone would have to step aside to make room for the one person to occupy the office in the resulting merged church.

What is the difference between AME and CME Church?

Unlike the northern-based AME churches, CME stressed its religious history with MECS, while acknowledging cultural and racial differences. Compared to the earlier African American Methodist organizations, the AME and AME Zion churches, the new CME church was more conservative.

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