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What does a white fir tree look like?

Description of white fir tree: The white fir grows symmetrically up to 40 feet or more in height in cultivation and sports airy, ascending branches. The flat, 2-inch long, aromatic needles are grayish green or bluish, with two whitish or pale lines on the underside. Other interesting species are the noble fir (A.

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Also asked, how do you identify a white fir?

White firs are identifiable by two to three inch-long needles of a silvery green or blue color. These needles are flat and grow 360 degrees around the twig, protruding at nearly right angles. Fir needles are softer to the touch than spruce needles, which is one of the best ways to tell them apart from spruces.

One may also ask, how fast does a white fir grow? According to the Arbor Day Foundation, a slow rate of growth denotes a tree that grows 12 inches or less each year, while medium growth describes between 13 and 24 inches annually. Based on these calculations, you can expect the white fir to grow somewhere between 1 and 2 feet a year.

Accordingly, what is special about the white fir?

Ornamental: White fir makes an excellent Christmas tree for it has a delightful aroma, retains its needles well after cutting, and has strong sturdy branches that hold their shape. It is highly regarded as an ornamental or specimen tree in colder, moister climates. White fir makes good winter roosting trees for grouse.

What is the difference between white fir and Douglas fir?

White firs have small cones that are rather plain looking. These cones are generally in clusters at the tops of the trees. Douglas-firs have little projections that come out of the pine cones and are slightly larger.

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