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What does a Siphonophore eat?

The meal is then transferred to the canals that carry it to the entire colony. All siphonophores are predatory carnivores. This species is believed to feed on copepods, and other small crustaceans such as decapods, krill, and mysids. Small fish may also be eaten.

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In this regard, what does a Siphonophore look like?

The majority of siphonophores are long and thin, consisting mostly of a clear gelatinous material. Some deep water species have dark orange or red digestive systems that can be seen inside their transparent tissues. All siphonophores are predators, and use their many tentacles to capture crustaceans and small fish.

Similarly, are Siphonophores dangerous? You're probably better acquainted, though, with a much more dangerous species of siphonophore: the Portuguese man o' war (technically, they are not true jellyfish, but I'm not about to be the one to break it to them).

Thereof, what zone does a Siphonophore live in?

pelagic zone

How long is a Siphonophore?

130 feet

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