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What does a question mark mean in Java?

Java ?: operator
If it is below threshold we return null. Java expects to a boolean or an expression evaluating to a boolean before the question mark. If that expression is true, then the whole statement evaluates to a. Else it evaluates to b. It is elegant, produces a lean code and saves you one return statement.

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Then, what is the use of question mark in Java?

) is known as the wildcard in generic programming . It represents an unknown type. The wildcard can be used in a variety of situations such as the type of a parameter, field, or local variable; sometimes as a return type.

Likewise, what does question mark mean in angular? Safe Navigation Operator

Thereof, what does question mark mean in C programming?

”) has one principal use in the C computer language (outside of string literals and comment text). It is used in the conditional operator (the sole ternary operator in C). It separates the test from the do-when-true expression: (test) ? (

What Does a colon mean Java?

The colon is a shortcut for iterating over a collection. The variable on the left of the colon is a temporary variable containing a single element from the collection on the right. With each iteration through the loop, Java pulls the next element from the collection and assigns it to the temp variable.

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