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What does a pre assessment nurse do?

The pre-assessment clinic is a nurse-led clinic and plays an important part in the preparation for your surgery. It includes an assessment of your general health and fitness before surgery by carrying out various tests and investigations.

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In respect to this, what do they do at a pre assessment?

Pre-operative assessment This is to check if you have any medical problems that might need to be treated before your operation, or if you'll need special care during or after the surgery. The tests you have will depend on what operation and the kind of anaesthetic you're having.

Secondly, how long does a pre op assessment last for? 12 weeks

Similarly, what is the role of the pre op nurse?

The preoperative holding area nurse's primary responsibility is to provide information and emotional support for patients and their family members, to ensure that all preoperative data have been accumulated, and to maintain patients' baseline hemodynamic statuses.

What happens at a pre surgery appointment?

Prior to your scheduled surgical procedure, a Day Surgery nurse will contact you to gather some basic information about you and your health and to answer your questions. Most outpatient surgeries require pre-operative testing such as blood and urine tests. Some also require chest X-rays or EKGs (electrocardiograms).

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