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What does a new flower stem look like on an orchid?

When a new root or flower spike starts to grow at the base of the Phalaenopsis, look carefully. You can see that the root on the left is rounder and it has a uniform tip. Normally on most moth orchids, it will probably be light green in color, but in this particular plant it's reddish.

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In this way, what does a new flower spike look like on an orchid?

Quite often, Phalaenopsis orchids will send up new leaves and new roots shortly before producing a new flower stalk. Flower spikes are usually greener than roots and have a flatter, mitten-shaped tip. While growing, spikes remain green along their full length.

One may also ask, do orchids bloom on the same stem? Of all of the more commonly available orchids, only Phalaenopsis (the moth orchid) will re-bloom from its old spike. Phalaenopsis will generally re-bloom given a little extra care. You can also cut off the stem leaving two nodes (those little brown lines on the stem below where the flowers were) on the stem.

In this regard, how do I get my orchid to spike a new flower?

When your orchid stops blooming and enters dormancy, don't worry, it is not dead. You can encourage your orchid to bloom again with just a little TLC. Phalaenopsis orchids rebloom on old spikes with a new stalk emerging from a triangular node along the stalk.

Should orchid roots be exposed?

More orchids are killed by incorrect watering than by any other reason. These plants (epiphytes) are adapted to having their roots exposed to light and air so in addition to water, orchid roots need air. When do I water? Orchids should be watered just as they begin to dry out.

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