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What does 20 chance of rain actually mean?

The reality: "When a forecast says there is a 20 percent chance of rain tomorrow it actually means it will rain on 20 percent of the days with exactly the same atmospheric conditions," Joslyn explained. Put another way, on that day there's an 80 percent chance there will be no rain anywhere in the forecast area.

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Accordingly, what does percent chance of rain actually mean?

If the forecaster is only 50% sure that precipitation will occur, and expects that, if it does occur, it will produce measurable rain over about 80 percent of the area, the PoP (chance of rain) is 40%. ( PoP = . So a 50% chance of rain means that half of your day will get rain.

Also Know, what does 40 percent rain mean? When your local forecaster says 40%, they mean for an area, usually for the local forecast or viewing area and for a certain time. Basically what they are saying is that in a forecast that suggests a 40% chance of rain, 40% of the forecast area will receive rainfall during the specific forecast period.

Hereof, what does 10% chance of rain mean?

If there's a 10 percent chance of rain, it means the current conditions yield rainfall one out of every 10 times observed. If it's 20 percent, then you'd see rain two out of every 10 times, and so on.

Will it rain if there is a 40 percent chance?

A '40% chance of rain' means every point in the forecast area has a 40% chance of observing measurable precipitation (at least 0.01") during the 12 hour forecast period. It also means rain is expected over 40% of the forecast area. there will be rain 40% of the time during the 12 hour forecast period.

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