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What does 2 up 2 down mean in baseball?

"down" Put out. "One down" means one out has been made in the inning (two more to go in the inning). "Two down" means two outs have been made in the inning (one more to go). "Two up (and) two down": the first two batters of the inning were retired (made outs).

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Besides, what does 2 away mean in baseball?

Conversely, a batter who has just been struck out, especially by a power pitcher, as in "He gone!" An announcer may simply announce "one gone" or "two gone" to indicate how many outs have been made in the inning; likewise "one away" and "two away".

One may also ask, what does 3 up and 3 down mean? three-up-three-down. Noun. (uncountable) (baseball) To record three outs in an inning without allowing a batter to reach first base.

Subsequently, question is, what is the 2nd batter in a baseball lineup called?

The second leadoff hitter. A player batting in the “6 spot” is known more as a second leadoff hitter.

What is a 643 double play?

A type of double play that occurs when the ball is hit to the second baseman (4), then thrown to the shortstop (6) to get the runner out, and then thrown to the first baseman (3) to get the batter out.

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