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What do you wear to a beach wedding in December?

What to Wear to a Winter Beach Wedding
  • Do go for a feminine print. You can never go wrong with florals.
  • Don't wear anything too loud. Prints are great, but not when they're in your face.
  • Do play with color.
  • Don't wear white.
  • Do opt for a lightweight fabric.
  • Do play with boho accessories.

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People also ask, what do you wear to a beach wedding in the winter?

You can probably do the same outfit, but put tights or leggings under for warmth and wear a little fur jacket or sweater over it to stay warm. Or wear nice black pants and a warm sweater in “beachy” colors. If your “beachy dress” is a dark enough color, wear some leggings underneath!

Furthermore, what do you wear to a wedding in December? If you're invited to a formal or semi-formal wedding in winter, you'll likely want to choose a long dress or gown. Most formal dresses are not exactly warm, so be sure to have a good, dressy coat to pair with your wedding attire to keep yourself comfortable.

Subsequently, one may also ask, what do guests wear to a beach wedding?

Casual: This is the most common type of beach wedding. A simple sundress for women fits the occasion, and khaki or linen shorts and shirt for men are appropriate. Casual beach weddings are usually held during the day, and wearing flip-flops or even going barefoot is acceptable.

What shoes should a guest wear to a beach wedding?

Beach (sand): You should wear flat shoes to a beach wedding, particularly if it is being held right on the sand. Fancy flip-flops are perfect for most beach weddings - but why not take it up a notch with a pretty sandal? Flat sandals can be both chic and comfortable.

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