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What do you put under ground under trampoline?

Under Trampoline Mat
Consider putting some mat under a trampoline, and in this case, artificial grass is a good solution. This will make the under trampoline garden appear more beautiful because even if you plant the natural grass, it might die if the area is dry.

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Just so, what should I put under my trampoline?

An alternative to placing your trampoline on grass is by installing a base of organic materials. You can use wood chips, sand, or mulch to provide your trampoline with a stable, soft surface. They are also soft landings that will absorb impact.

Beside above, how do you put a trampoline in the ground? Try to pick a dry period which will make it easier whichever way you do it.

  1. What to do with the soil - If the area has good quality turf then remove this and lay to oneside.
  2. Hole depth – the hole depth should equal the height of the trampoline so once installed it is at ground level.

Additionally, can I put my trampoline in the ground?

You can't just dig a hole and put the trampoline in there. If the hole that you've sunk your trampoline into collapses during a rain storm or gets full of water, you no longer have an in-ground trampoline. You have a partially buried or partially sunken trampoline, and neither of those are as much fun.

How do you keep grass from dying under trampoline?

Mats made of polypropylene fabric, as most trampolines today use, allow a little sunlight to reach the turf. Over time, though, the reduced sunlight will cause the grass to die off. Again, moving the trampoline is the best way to keep your lawn healthy.

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