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What do you put in a King Cake?

There are many different recipes for king cake. However, the most common ones include: milk, butter, yeast, water, brown and white sugar, eggs, salt, nutmeg, flour and cinnamon. The frosting is typically made from confectioner's sugar, water, lemon juice, and colored sugar crystals.

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Considering this, what is the story behind King Cake?

As a symbol of this Holy Day, a tiny plastic baby is placed inside each King Cake. The King Cake tradition is thought to have been brought to New Orleans from France in 1870. A King Cake is an oval-shaped bakery delicacy, crossed between a coffee cake and a French pastry that is as rich in history as it is in flavor.

One may also ask, what does a king cake taste like? Depending on where in the world you are celebrating, king cakes can be made from a sweet, brioche-like dough topped with a glaze or dried or candied fruit, or puff pastry with various fillings, such as almond or chocolate.

Similarly, you may ask, what is king cake made of?

Typically, king cake is made of a rich, brioche dough and a wide array of fillings, such as cinnamon, chocolate, and cream cheese. But the rainbow magic is found in the glaze and sprinkles, which are usually gold, green, and purple. Even the colors of the icing (and royal colors of Mardi Gras) have a deeper meaning.

How do you decorate a King Cake?

Many King Cakes use purple, gold and green for the colors. Each color is significant and represents justice (purple), faith (green), and power (gold). Sprinkle the colored sugars on top of the cake in any order or design you like. After the sprinkles have been added drape Mardi Gras beads on top of the cake.

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