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What do you mean by pure online business?

A pure play company is a company that focuses only on a particular product or activity. E-commerce companies are often referred to as pure play retailers, as they sell only through the Internet.

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Also know, is Amazon a pure play?

Pure play is also used to describe e-commerce businesses that only sell through the internet, and not through other channels. In its early days, Amazon was cited as an example of a pure play internet retailer, as it had no physical stores. By this definition, some say Facebook is a pure play company.

Subsequently, question is, what is the difference between pure online and brick and click business? Pure-play Internet companies operate solely on the Internet, while click & mortar business models combine a physical presence with online selling or marketing. The difference between the two business models is reflected in running costs, marketing strategies and customer perceptions.

Thereof, what is pure play method?

Pure play method is an approach used to estimate beta coefficient of a company whose stock is not publicly traded. Pure play method is also used to find cost of capital for a project that is different from the company's mainstream business.

What is a pure play investment bank?

A pure play is a company that focuses on a single type of product or service. Some investors prefer investing in pure plays because they are easier to analyze and give maximum exposure to a particular market segment.

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