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What do you feed Gamefowl in Keep?

Your regular keep feed should include the following:
  1. Oat groats (not whole oats, they will often constipate cocks).
  2. Corn (hard flint corn is best).
  3. Racing pigeon feed (the mixed feed, not Pigeon chow).
  4. Laying pellets (at least 20% protein, but 30% is better).
  5. Chopped boiled eggs (about one-third per cock).

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Beside this, what is the best food for Gamefowl?


  • 50% - whole corn.
  • 10% - whole oats or jockey oats.
  • 10% - Pellets (16% C.P.)
  • Corn supplies complex carbohydrates which is the best energy source, and some plant proteins as bonus.
  • Provide the cocks a steady supply of grits from day 1 to 9 of your KEEP system.

Also, what to feed fighting roosters? Diet is important. Roosters weigh about five pounds and must weigh within two ounces of one another to fight. The author of the tutorial suggests feeding cocks a combination of oats, wheat, split peas, long grain rice, corn, popcorn and barley from November to April.

Keeping this in consideration, how much do you feed a Gamefowl?

Amount of feeding The usual amount is 40g to 45g totally with the supplements excluding the meat supplement. Don't give them a uniform amount of feed. You must know how much they individually need in every given time.

Is Honey Good for Gamefowl?

Honey Bee is a friend to Cockfighters and Gamecocks. Honey is good for gamecock chickens of any age. From day old gamecock chicks to adult brood gamecock chickens including ready to fight gamecock roosters. Honey is typically given as an additive to chicken feed or water drink.

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