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What do you do with an elf on the shelf?

Elf on the Shelf is a Christmas tradition where a special scout is sent to your home from the North Pole to encourage kids to behave themselves. The idea is that Santa's little helper watches the children by day, and each night, it returns to the North Pole to report on whether they were naughty or nice.

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In this way, can the parents touch the elf on the shelf?

Children are not allowed to touch the elf or she will lose her magic. Secondly, the elf must never move or speak when people are home or awake, but can "move" from place to place when no one is around.

Furthermore, where do you put the elf on a shelf? Here are 25 places to hide your Elf on the Shelf:

  • Above the stockings.
  • Inside the holiday wreath.
  • Inside the family photo area.
  • Tucked in the kids' toys.
  • Poppin' out of a Rice Krispie cereal box.
  • Scaling the wall with bows.
  • Scaling the tree.
  • On the coffee table display.

Correspondingly, how do you set up elf on a shelf?

How to Get The Elf on the Shelf® at Your House

  1. Visit an official Scout Elf Adoption Center. At these special adoption centers, which are typically only open during the holiday season, you and your family can visit and pick out your very own Elf on the Shelf® to take home.
  2. Visit Santa's online adoption center.
  3. Put it in a wish list.

What age should you start elf on a shelf?

The book is aimed for kids ages 5, 6, and 7 to read aloud. There's also a movie, called An Elf's Story: The Elf on the Shelf, that tells the backstory of the elf and might be more engaging for your kids if they don't like reading.

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