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What do sea pens do?

Sea pens are a type of octocoral, named for the eight stinging tentacles they use to capture plankton (tiny floating plants and animals) to feed themselves. The basic unit of a sea pen, like other corals, is a polyp, which consists of a sac-like body cavity enclosed by a mouth and surrounded by a ring of tentacles.

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Hereof, how long do sea pens live?

100 years

Furthermore, are sea pens edible? But most gather edible bits from the water. Snacking on sea pens: Sea pens are preyed upon by some snails and nudibranchs. The striped Armina nudibranch (Armina sp.) is among those seen near sea pencils, and appear to feed on these sea pencils.

Similarly, what type of creature is a sea pen?

Sea pen, any of the 300 species of the order Pennatulacea, colonial invertebrate marine animals of the class Anthozoa (phylum Cnidaria). The name sea pen derives from their resemblance to quill pens. They occur in shallow and deep waters from polar seas to the tropics.

How does a sea pen work?

Sea Pen works by isolating boats from the water, thanks to a unique waterproof skin, and then creating an airspace around the boat for ventilation, thanks to a patented mesh technology. The Sea Pen lowers into the water – you simply drive your boat into the water space inside the Sea Pen.

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