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What do numbers mean on bottom of pottery?

Hallmark and Numbers
A company's hallmark or maker's mark usually includes its name and country of origin and often the date it was established, the pottery or porcelain manufacturer may also have applied a series of numbers which may signify the run, color code, production plant number, or year produced.

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Similarly, you may ask, what do the numbers on the bottom of China mean?

The markings on fine china are like fingerprints that can lead you to the identity of the manufacturer or the artist, and the piece's age and origin. Marks may appear as letters, symbols, numbers, dates, logos or even signatures, based on the company or potter who made the item.

Beside above, how do I know if I have redware pottery? American-Made Redware Not always of the best quality, you can identify American-made Earthenware by its crude and coarse appearance, minimal glazing -- sometimes on half the container -- and rusty orange to dark brown clay or glaze colors. Early American redware usually did not contain a fabrique mark.

Just so, how can you tell if pottery is antique?


  1. Check the weight, then the bottom.
  2. Check the color, then the design of the bottom – whether a dry foot, flat bottom, wedged base, ridged bottom or stilts.
  3. Then, identify the piece by style, glaze, or some other identifier.
  4. Confirm your conclusion by checking in a book or the internet.

How do I know if my tea set is antique?

Examine writing on the bottom of the tea set. If there are handwritten marks, the tea set is made before the 1800s, before stamping was used. If the tea set has a stamped logo, lettering and/or numbers that are not blue, the set was made after 1850. Any tea set with a logo or trademark is made after 1862.

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