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What do I need to stock a bar shower?

What to Bring to a Stock the Bar Party
  1. A Set with a Little Bit of Everything.
  2. Classic Engraved Pint Glass.
  3. Glencairn Serving Tray Set – A Gift for Scotch Connoisseurs.
  4. Engraved Whiskey Set – A Gift for Whiskey Lovers.
  5. A Complete Set of the Best Beer Glasses.
  6. Stemless Champagne Flutes.
  7. Custom Decanter Gift Box Set.
  8. Revolving Liquor Bottle Dispenser.

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Also to know is, what is a stock the bar shower?

A stock the bar shower is a little different from your typical wedding shower: Guests are expected to bring either an alcohol-centric item from the couple's wedding registry (such a cocktail shaker, wine glasses or ice molds) or a nice bottle of alcohol (wine, liquor, fancy mixers and so on) to help them—you guessed it

Subsequently, question is, how do you stock the bar at a wedding? Here is the basic list of how to stock a wedding bar, but remember, you're free to tweak it to meet your needs.

  1. Liquor (usually gin, vodka and whisky)
  2. Wine (one red, one white)
  3. Champagne (or sparkling wine)
  4. Beer (one or more varieties)
  5. Mixers (a variety of juices and sodas)
  6. Garnishes (lemons and limes)

Herein, what do you need to stock a bar for a party?

If the majority of guests are under 35 years old, increase the vodka, rum, and beer stock. Plan for and offer a great mocktail or two for guests that don't drink alcohol.


Mixer Stock for a Full Bar Diet Cola
10–24 Guests 3 Two-Liters
25–34 Guests 3 Two-Liters
35–59 Guests 3 Two-Liters
60–100 Guests 4 Two-Liters

How do you plan a bridal shower?

Bridal Shower Planning Checklist

  1. Pick a date. Showers should be held anywhere from two weeks to two months before the wedding.
  2. Compile a guest list.
  3. Choose a theme.
  4. Determine the location.
  5. Create the invitations.
  6. Send invitations.
  7. Decide on decorations and centerpieces.
  8. Plan a menu.

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