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What do Catarrhines nostrils look like?

In platyrrhines, this nose is relatively broad and the nostrils are wide and directed laterally (outward), whereas catarrhines possess quite narrow nostrils that tend to face ventrally (downward), a significant external character that is responsible for their name.

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Furthermore, what is a Catarrhine nose?

nose. In primate: Snouts, muzzles, and noses. …and Old World monkeys (the Catarrhini, meaning “downward nosed”), the nostrils are set close together, point forward or downward, and are separated by a very narrow septum.

Additionally, what is the difference between Platyrrhines and Catarrhines? Differences between Platyrrhines and Catarrhines The most obvious difference is the shape of the nose: platyrrhine means flat-nosed, whilecatarrhine means hook-nosed. In platyrrhines, the nostrils are farther apart and they point outward, while in the catarrhines, they're closer together and they point down.

Then, what is a Platyrrhine nose?

The platyrrhine nose (on the left below) is relatively flat with somewhat sideways projecting nostrils separated by a wide septum. In contrast, the catarrhine. nose (on the right below) has more downward projecting nostrils separated by a small septum.

What primates have a Platyrrhine nose?

Platyrrhini means flat-nosed, and their noses are flatter than those of other simians, with sideways-facing nostrils. Monkeys in the family Atelidae, such as the spider monkey, are the only primates to have prehensile tails.

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