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What do American tree sparrows eat?

Seeds, insects, and berries make up most of the American Tree Sparrow's diet. In winter, they eat primarily seeds and berries, while in summer their diet shifts to insects, especially when feeding young.

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Just so, what do Henslow's sparrows eat?

Henslow's Sparrows eat grasshoppers, crickets, beetles, moths, ants, flies, and other insects. The young eat larva and soft abdomens of larger insects. Status: In Illinois Henslow's Sparrow if federally endangered because of habitat loss.

Beside above, are tree sparrows protected? Tree sparrows in brief This is probably because fewer seed and insect food sources are available to them on farmland. Tree sparrows nest in holes, traditionally in old trees, hedges or farm buildings. Protecting these nest sites is vital.

Subsequently, one may also ask, what is the difference between a tree sparrow and a house sparrow?

The way i remember the difference between the two is that the house sparrow has a grey top to it's head like a slate roof on a house and a tree sparrow has a brown top to it's head like a tree (obviously without leaves) :-) Animals live second to second.

What do Eurasian tree sparrow eat?

The tree sparrow is a predominantly seed and grain eating bird which feeds on the ground in flocks, often with house sparrows, finches, or buntings. It eats weed seeds, such as chickweeds and goosefoot, spilled grain, and it may also visit feeding stations, especially for peanuts.

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