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What division is Rose State College?

Rose State College
Rose State Logo
Former names Oscar Rose Junior College
Campus 116 acres (47 ha)
Colors Blue and Gold
Athletics NJCAA Division I

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Also to know is, is Rose State a 4 year college?

Rose State Makes Transferring to a Four-Year University Simple Published January 4, 2017. For many Rose State students, their time on our campus is spent with one goal in mind: transferring to a four-year university. In fact, we believe there's no better place to begin your college career than right here.

Likewise, how do I drop a class at Rose State? Complete Withdrawal from College Complete withdrawals may be done on the website at Complete withdrawals may not be done by phone. A student may withdraw from RSC according to the following schedule: Prior to the end of the 12th week in a 16-week session.

In respect to this, how many students at Rose State College?

8,150 (2011)

How much is OCCC per credit hour?

Current cost for residents is $135.29/credit hour. Non-Resident Tuition and Fees: $326.99/credit hour. OCCC ID cards are required to use the facilities including the test center and Keith Leftwich Memorial Library.

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