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What disease did Dr William Gorgas find a treatment for?

In 1898, after the end of the Spanish–American War, Gorgas was appointed Chief Sanitary Officer in Havana, where he worked to eradicate yellow fever and malaria.

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Furthermore, what did William Gorgas do?

William Crawford Gorgas, (born Oct. 3, 1854, Mobile, Ala., U.S.—died July 3, 1920, London, Eng.), U.S. Army surgeon who contributed greatly to the building of the Panama Canal by introducing mosquito control to prevent yellow fever and malaria.

Furthermore, why was William Gorgas an important member of the team that built the Panama Canal? He is best known for his work in Florida, Havana and at the Panama Canal in abating the transmission of yellow fever and malaria by controlling the mosquitoes that carry these diseases. At the time, his strategy was greeted with considerable skepticism and opposition to such hygiene measures.

Secondly, how did Dr William Gorgas help to reduce the spread of disease in Panama?

William Gorgas paved the way for the construction of the Panama Canal by destroying the mosquitoes that spread disease and doomed an earlier French effort. When the Panama Canal Commission began construction in 1904, they began with the remains of a failed French canal.

How was yellow fever treated during the Panama Canal?

By September of that year, Gorgas declared that Yellow Fever had been eliminated from Havana. Because of his success in Cuba, Gorgas was appointed chief sanitary officer in the Panama Canal Zone. He used the same strategy of destroying Aedes aegypti breeding sites to break the Yellow Fever transmission cycle.

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