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What disability did Anne Frank have?

Did Anne Frank have Asperger's Syndrome? 71 years ago, Anne Frank died in Bergen-Belsen concentration camp.

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In this manner, what illness did Anne Frank have?


Similarly, how did Anne Frank die? Typhus fever

Simply so, what are 5 facts about Anne Frank?

Here are 10 facts about Anne Frank.

  • “Anne” was just a nickname.
  • The Frank family were originally German.
  • Anne's diary was a 13th birthday present.
  • She celebrated two birthdays while living in hiding.
  • Anne wrote two versions of her diary.
  • She called her diary “Kitty”
  • The residents of the annex were arrested on 4 August 1944.

Is Anne Frank blind or deaf?

In 1882, she got sick and suddenly became blind, deaf, and mute at only 18 months old. She would have to make a way to live with this terrible condition one day at a time. Both of these women overcame many obstecles. Anne survived living in the Annex and Helen overcame being blind and deaf.

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