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What did William Blake think of the industrial revolution?

The Industrial Revolution was a time of great change. Everything was becoming mechanized and Blake did not like that. He felt that the Industrial Revolution was causing more harm than good. The industrial Revolution was a time when children were forced to work and were discriminated against.

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Beside this, how did William Blake feel about the French Revolution?

Blake was an early supporter of the American Revolution and believed that it would bring about liberty to the rest of mankind. As the work continues, he demands that the Bastille be removed and he explains how the American Revolution provoked the French Revolution.

Furthermore, how did the Industrial Revolution affect poetry? The Industrial Revolution had the most significant effect on Romantic poetry because it served as a direct antithesis to the poet's subject matter during that time. During the Industrial Revolution, child labor was common. Labor laws allowed their employers to pay them wages much lower than that of adults.

Also know, what did William Blake believe?

William Blake's beliefs about God, Jesus Christ, Angels, Saints, the Bible and Christianity were—like his poetry, engravings and art—utterly unique. The lost Travellers Dream under the Hill. And so to Blake orthodox Christianity was, essentially, Devil Worship. William Blake's true God was the Human Imagination.

Did William Wordsworth supported the French Revolution?

The motto of the Revolution was Liberty, Equality, Brotherhood, and it stood for ideas such as social justice, personal freedoms, and the idea that there were inalienable human rights, which defied class, wealth or gender. Wordsworth supported many of the ideals of the French Revolution and to do so could be dangerous.

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