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What did the Retiarius wear?

The retiarius wore minimal armour; unlike other gladiator types, he wore no helmet, greaves, or shield. He wore a manica on his left arm, where other gladiators wore it on the right; this allowed him to more fluidly make a right-handed cast of his net.

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Accordingly, what is the difference between a Retiarius and an secutor?

The retiarius commonly fought the secutor and sometimes the murmillo. Secutor – The secutor was armed almost exactly like the murmillo. The only difference in weapons and armor is that the secutor had a very tight fitting, smooth helmet to keep the net of the retiarius from catching. Commonly fights the retiarius.

Likewise, what did Gladiators use to fight with? Gladiator Weapons Different gladiators had different tools and weapons: Myrmillo: Wore a fish-like helmet and had an oblong shield and a sword. Retiaritus: Fought with a net, brandishing either a trident or a dagger. Secutos: Had a shield, sword, heavy helmet, and armour on one arm.

Hereof, what did the gladiators wear?

Roman gladiators fought bare-chested, but they wore canvas loincloths to preserve their modesty. They were allowed to wear sandals, but many chose not to. Gladiators also wore protective armor over their arms and legs.

What kind of Armour did the secutor wear?

The secutor wore a subligaculum (loincloth), and a balteus (a wide belt much like that of the retiarius). On his right arm, he wore a manica (a heavy linen or metal wrapping tied with leather thongs), and on his left leg, he wore an ocrea (a greave made of boiled leather or metal).

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