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What did the Hohokam trade?

Hohokam farmers grew four main crops, which were important for their community's survival. Corn, beans, and squash were the main foods eaten by the Hohokam. Cotton could be made into cloth or traded to other Native American groups in Arizona. The Hohokam used water from the Salt and Gila Rivers to water these crops.

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Just so, what did the Hohokam make?

The Hohokam are probably most famous for their creation of extensive irrigation canals along the Salt and Gila rivers. In fact, the Hohokam had the largest and most complex irrigation systems of any culture in the New World north of Peru.

One may also ask, where did Hohokam go? The Hohokam. The Hohokam peoples occupied a wide area of south-central Arizona from roughly Flagstaff south to the Mexican border. They are thought to have originally migrated north out of Mexico around 300 BC to become the most skillful irrigation farmers the Southwest ever knew.

Regarding this, what did the Hohokam wear?

The Hohokam Indians made simple clothing from animal skins and plant fibers. Villagers wore breechcloths and aprons. In winter, they wore buckskin shirts, cloth ponchos, and blankets. For foot protection, sandals were worn.

What does Hohokam mean?

Hohokam, or Ho·ho·kams. A member of a Native American culture flourishing from about the 3rd century BC to the mid-15th century AD in south-central Arizona, noted for the construction of an extensive system of irrigation canals.

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