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What did sans promise?

He tells the protagonist that this woman made him promise to protect any human that left the Ruins and that, if she had not said anything, the protagonist would be "dead where [they] stand." He dismisses this as a joke immediately and says that he has done a great job protecting the protagonist.

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Likewise, people ask, what was sans promise?

Toriel asked Sans a big favor in regards to any human that may leave the Ruins. She has him promise her to “watch over them, and protect them.” However, Sans won't hold Frisk's hand or walk them through the underground. His protection is more of a hands-off approach.

Furthermore, how old is sans from Undertale? Well, we know that she must be older than Sans, and Sans, older than Papyrus, we already got Papyrus's age, it is 17, which means Sans must be at least two years older.

Hereof, does sans care about Frisk?

Throughout this journey, Sans has shown he cares about Frisk. He might be indifferent about a lot of the events in the world around him - especially at first - but by bonding with Frisk (in the Pacifist Route especially), he starts to care again. He learns to live with hope rather than simply giving up.

Is Sans older than papyrus?

One of Toby Fox's Tweets strongly suggests that Sans is the older brother. Aniki is a japanese term used for older brothers, so saying that Papyrus would use it implies that Papyrus is the younger brother. Sans is super lazy and adopts the role of little brother.

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