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What did Paul Gauguin die of?

Heart attack

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Correspondingly, why did Paul Gauguin leave France?

Mette became the chief breadwinner, giving French lessons to trainee diplomats. His middle-class family and marriage fell apart after 11 years when Gauguin was driven to paint full-time. He returned to Paris in 1885, after his wife and her family asked him to leave because he had renounced the values they shared.

Beside above, when did Gauguin die? May 8, 1903

Secondly, what did Paul Gauguin do?

Famed French artist Paul Gauguin, born in Paris on June 7, 1848, created his own unique painting style, much like he crafted his own distinctive path through life. Eventually returning to France, Gauguin took to the seas as a merchant marine. He was also in the French Navy for a time, and then worked as a stockbroker.

Where did Gauguin die?

Atuona, Hiva-Oa, French Polynesia

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