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What did Nahum prophecy?

The subject of Nahum's prophecy is the approaching complete and final destruction of Nineveh, the capital of the great and at that time flourishing Assyrian empire. Ashurbanipal was at the height of his glory.

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Moreover, what did Nahum do in the Bible?

.?m/ or /ˈne?h?m/; Hebrew: ?????? Na?ūm) was a minor prophet whose prophecy is recorded in the Hebrew Bible or Old Testament. His book comes in chronological order between Micah and Habakkuk in the Bible. He wrote about the end of the Assyrian Empire, and its capital city, Nineveh, in a vivid poetic style.

Also, where was the prophet Nahum from? Elkosh, Israel

Then, what did Haggai prophecy?

Haggai Prophecies Haggai prophesied in 520 BCE Jerusalem, about the people needing to complete building the Temple. The new Temple was bound to exceed the awesomeness of the previous Temple. He claimed if the Temple was not built there would be poverty, famine and drought affecting the Jewish nation.

How old is Nahum?

The Book of Nahum, seventh of the Twelve (Minor) Prophets, contains three chapters directed against the mighty nation of Assyria. Probably written between 626–612 bce (the date of the destruction of Nineveh, the Assyrian capital), the book celebrates in oracles, hymns, and laments the…

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