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What did Ludwig Leichhardt discover?

Ludwig Leichhardt (1813-1848) was a German explorer and scientist who came to Australia in 1842 to study its rocks and wildlife. He was born in East Germany and studied at the University of Berlin. Leichhardt explored parts of Queensland and Northern Territory.

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Correspondingly, why did Ludwig Leichhardt go on the expedition?

His aim was to explore inland Australia and he was hopeful of a government appointment in his fields of interest. In September 1842 Leichhardt went to the Hunter River valley north of Sydney to study the geology, flora and fauna of the region, and to observe farming methods.

One may also ask, when did Ludwig Leichhardt die? 1848

Keeping this in consideration, where did Ludwig Leichhardt die?


Who did Ludwig Leichhardt marry?

lass Frances Murdoch Stirling

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