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What did Jesus do on Wednesday of Passion Week?

In the Byzantine Rite, the theme of Holy and Great Wednesday is the commemoration of the sinful woman who anointed Jesus before his crucifixion and Burial; a second theme is the agreement to betray Jesus made by Judas Iscariot. The day begins with the celebration of the Presanctified Liturgy on Tuesday afternoon.

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Herein, what did Jesus do on Wednesday of Holy Week?

Wednesday of Holy Week: Traditionally this day was called "Spy Wednesday" because it was on this Wednesday before the crucifixion that Judas conspired to hand Jesus over. For this he was paid 30 pieces of silver (cf Mt. 26:14). Jesus likely spent the day in Bethany.

what is the Wednesday before Good Friday? Maundy Thursday, also known as Holy Thursday, is a Christian observance in the United States. It is the day before Good Friday and takes place during Holy Week. It commemorates Jesus Christ's last supper and the initiation of Holy Communion (the Eucharist), observed in many Christian churches.

Likewise, what happened each day during Holy Week?

Holy Week. During Holy Week, Christians recall the events leading up to Jesus' death by crucifixion and, according to their faith, his Resurrection. The week includes five days of special significance. The first is Palm Sunday, which commemorates Jesus' humble entry (on a donkey) into Jerusalem to observe Passover.

What should we do during Holy Week?

10 Things to Do in Manila This Holy Week

  • Have a picnic. This is an old-school activity worth reviving.
  • Try the EDSA Bike Lane. It's like Moses parting the Red Sea all over again.
  • Fly a kite.
  • Cooking, crafternoons, group games.
  • Join the Holy Week festivities.
  • Spring cleaning.
  • Catch up on films and books.
  • Have a spa day at home.

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