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What did Francisco Coronado explore?

Francisco Vázquez de Coronado, (born c. 1510, Salamanca, Spain—died September 22, 1554, Mexico), Spanish explorer of the North American Southwest whose expeditions resulted in the discovery of many physical landmarks, including the Grand Canyon, but who failed to find the treasure-laden cities he sought.

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Accordingly, when did Francisco Coronado explore?

Francisco Vázquez de Coronado y Luján (Spanish pronunciation: [f?anˈθisko ˈβaθkeθ ðe ko?oˈnaðo]; 151022 September 1554) was a Spanish conquistador and explorer who led a large expedition from Mexico to present-day Kansas through parts of the southwestern United States between 1540 and 1542.

Secondly, why did Francisco Vazquez de Coronado explore? Francisco Coronado was a Spanish governor in modern day Mexico who went on to explore the southwest United States. His expedition was one that was prompted by stories of myth and riches. He was looking for the fabled Seven Cities of Gold. So overtime, he became known just as Francisco Coronado.

Also to know, what places did Francisco Vazquez de Coronado explore?

Synopsis. The expedition team of Francisco Vázquez de Coronado is credited with discovery of the Grand Canyon and several other famous landmarks in the American Southwest while searching for the legendary Seven Golden Cities of Cíbola—which they never found.

What was Francisco Coronado impact?

Impact: Coronado was known as a Spanish conquistador and explorer, who led a great expedition from Mexico to present day Kansas and through parts of the southeastern United States. Coronado started exploring in 1540 when he went from Mexico on his great expedition.

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