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What did Bill Evans do?

Bill Evans is seen as the main reformer of the harmonic language of jazz piano. Evans's harmonic language was influenced by impressionist composers such as Claude Debussy and Maurice Ravel. His versions of jazz standards, as well as his own compositions, often featured thorough reharmonisations.

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Also to know is, why is Bill Evans important?

More than 25 years after his death, Bill Evans remains one of the most important pianists in modern jazz. The New York jazz scene allowed him to hone his craft and mingle with pianists such as Bud Powell, Horace Silver, Lennie Tristano, and George Shearing.

Beside above, why is Bill Evans so important to Jazz? Evans was the first notable modern jazz pianist who brought the sostenuto pedal into his playing in an essential way. Evans had a degree of control over his touch/sound that was rare among jazz pianists (many of whom came up playing in situations that required them to play pretty loudly most of the time).

Then, is Bill Evans still alive?

September 15, 1980

How did Bill Evans practice?

Evans exasperated his college teachers with imperfect renditions of the set scales and arpeggios. Practicing such items could never engage the youth's musical instincts. To be sure, he played a lot--three hours or so a day in childhood--but he focused the energy unconventionally.

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