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What days can you bring a friend for free to Six Flags?

Bring a friend with you for FREE! This offer is open to ALL Season Pass and Membership holders! This offer is valid on any one of the following days: January 1-5 2020. One time use only.

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Consequently, what day is bring a friend day at Six Flags?

Kick off summer with thrills at Six Flags America! Pass Holders can also choose a day to bring a friend for FREE on May 28-31, Sunday, June 2, or June 3-7. Grab a friend, and make your way to the park for a day unlike any other filled with incredible savings, crazy coasters, and waterpark fun.

One may also ask, what days are friends free at Six Flags? BONUS FREE Tickets for Gold Pass Holders

  • Ticket #1 — Six Flags Magic Mountain Free Friend Ticket. Choose one day: July 21 or August 25.
  • Ticket #2 — Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Free Admission. Choose any one day: May 25 - June 30 or any one weekday in July or August.

Also Know, can I bring a friend for free to Six Flags today?

For free friend offers, only one free ticket may be used per Pass Holder per day. You and your friend must enter the park turnstiles together when your Pass card is first scanned for the day.

Can you bring a guest to Six Flags with a season pass?

A Season Pass pays for itself in less than two visits. Come as often as you want, stay as long as you like. There are plenty of reasons to visit all year long, including new ride openings, concerts, water park fun, Fright Fest and more! Pass Holders can bring a friend for FREE on select days.

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