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What date are VCE results released?

VIC VCE Results and ATAR information will be released from 7am, Thursday, 12 December 2019.

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Beside this, how do I get my VCE results?

You can check your ATAR by logging in to your VTAC account. You can apply to the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority for a replacement certificate or statement of VCE/VCAL results.

Likewise, do Atar results get published? ATAR and VCE results are released on December 12 at 7am (AEDST). Results are only available on the website and mobile app from 7am Thursday morning, until December 16 at 5pm. You can receive your VCE results and ATAR in different ways.

Beside above, what is ga1 ga2 ga3 VCE?

GA3 = Exam. For subjects with both mid-year and end-of-year Exam. GA1 = Mid-year Exam. GA2 = Unit 3 and Unit 4 SACs. GA3 = End-of-year Exam.

What is a results service password?

Your results service password is the secure password that you chose when registering for the Results and ATAR service. Registration has been open since Monday, August 6. If you didn't register before results were released, you still need to register before you will be able to access your results.

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