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What common error in handling a micropipette can account for under pipetting?

A common mistake in handling a micropipettor is not being able to read and set the measurement device correctly. If you were to set the micropipettor to the incorrect measurement, the amount you micropipette will be incorrect.

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Subsequently, one may also ask, what are the common errors done by technician while handling pipette?

Common pipetting errors include:

  • Failure to Pre-Wet Pipette Tip.
  • Disregarding Temperature.
  • Tip Wiping.
  • Choosing the Wrong Pipetting Mode.
  • Working Too Quickly.
  • Pipetting at an Angle.
  • Using the Wrong Pipette Tips.

Also, what can happen if you hold the pipette upside down with the tip on? Never hold a filled pipet upside down or horizontally. If you hold it this way, the liquid runs into the bulb, which means: The bulb is dirty and should not be used again - this means 39 cents wasted. If it is dirty but left in use, it will quickly discolor, crack, dry up, and simply be ruined.

Similarly, you may ask, how can pipetting error be prevented?

10 Ways to Prevent Pipetting Errors

  1. Practice a smooth and slow motion.
  2. Pre-wet the pipette tip.
  3. Hold the pipette vertically when drawing in liquid and at a 45 degree angle when dispensing.
  4. Immerse the tip slightly into the liquid during aspiration.
  5. Touch off the pipette on the sidewall of the container.

How accurate is a micropipette?

A pipette is accurate to the degree that the volume delivered is equal to the specified volume. Precision, on the other hand, is concerned with the closeness of several measurements to each other, rather than to a standard value, that is the reproducibility of the pipetting samples.

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