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What Colour does PAS stain?

These aldehydes then react with the Schiff reagent to give a purple-magenta color. A suitable basic stain is often used as a counterstain. PAS diastase stain (PAS-D) is PAS stain used in combination with diastase, an enzyme that breaks down glycogen.

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Besides, does PAS stain collagen?

It is the basis of the PAS stain. PAS stains carbohydrates and carbohydrate rich macromolecules a deep red colour (magenta). Mucus in cells and tissues, Basement membranes, and Brush borders of kidney tubules and small and large intestines Reticular fibres (i.e. collagen) in connective tissue and Cartilage.

Additionally, what is the purpose of the Schiff's reagent step in the PAS method? Likely the most common application for Schiff's reagent is the Periodic Acid Schiff, or PAS, reaction. This is a technique for the demonstration of carbohydrates in tissue sections. The purpose of the periodic acid is to oxidise some of the tissue carbohydrates. The PAS reaction is quite straightforward.

Regarding this, why does PAS stain basement membrane?

The PAS is most commonly used to demonstrate the thickness of glomerular basement membrane when renal disease is being assessed. The PAS staining procedure is also used to demonstrate hyphae and yeast-forms of fungi in tissue samples due to the high carbohydrate content of the organism's cell walls.

How do you make periodic acid Schiff stain?


  1. Deparaffinize and hydrate to water.
  2. Oxidize in 0.5% periodic acid solution for 5 minutes.
  3. Rinse in distilled water.
  4. Place in Schiff reagent for 15 minutes (Sections become light pink color during this step).
  5. Wash in lukewarm tap water for 5 minutes (Immediately sections turn dark pink color).

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