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What colors go well with white dove?

It gives a clean look without being abrasive. Alternatively, this bathroom shows White Dove pairing with a navy blue wall color. The navy's gray undertones are brought out by the gray in the White Dove.

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Subsequently, one may also ask, what color trim goes with white dove?

WHITE DOVE: Above, you can see our combination of paints–BM White Dove walls (eggshell finish) and BM Simply White trim (in semi-gloss). There is a nice contrast between the two and it looks lovely. White Dove appears slightly darker and cooler than Simply White, which provides a sophisticated combination to the room.

Beside above, is White Dove warm or cool? White Dove also maintains enough warmth so that it is not too cool, yet it does not go too creamy or yellow.” That balance of warm and cool is often hard to find, so it's no wonder that White Dove is frequently recommended by designers and bloggers such as Emily Henderson, Erin Gates, and Suzanne and Lauren McGrath.

Correspondingly, what Gray goes with white dove?

Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams is a great combination with White Dove. Anew Gray SW 730 by Sherwin Williams is a rich, neutral colour that looks fab too!

Is White Dove a good ceiling color?

White Dove can handle warm light with its slightly grey undertone but may not be the best choice for a north-facing, darker room. Keep in mind it will shift in colour from space to space. We live in “Sunny Alberta” which means White Dove reads more crisp with all of the natural light.

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