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What color should I paint my stucco house?

White, ivory, or pale tones such as light gray, tan, or peach are stucco colors that are often chosen for use with these home designs.

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Accordingly, what kind of paint do you use on stucco?

acrylic paint

Similarly, how do you change the color of stucco? The easiest and most efficient way to change the color of a stucco house is to paint it. Stucco may be painted any color that you desire. Painting stucco is similar to painting other surfaces, although it does require a little more time and patience since the texture of the stucco is porous.

Consequently, how often do you need to paint a stucco house?

Ideally, stucco should be painted every five to ten years. It's important to paint and perform other stucco maintenance on the right schedule to keep your home looking great and to prevent hairline cracks from growing larger.

Can a stucco house be painted?

While you would resort to paint to protect many kinds of materials, stucco is one material that is not well matched with paint. Once a stucco house is painted, it can be a nightmare to maintain. Because of the relentless peeling, the exterior will need to be scraped, cleaned, primed and repainted every few years.

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